I attended the Inca training path 1 with Margaret and it was a wonderful experience.

I had been intrigued and fascinated by the Incas for many years and discovered Elizabeth Jenkins book, ‘Initiation’ about 8 years ago. Her story then inspired me to visit Peru and do the Inca Trail.

Doing the path 1 training was a great opportunity for me to my to explore my combined passion of energy work and nature spirits. I was able to gain a clearer understanding of this amazing ancient tradition. The workshops were very empowering and I also learnt techniques to ground and strengthen myself.

Since completing path 1, I feel much more confident in myself and more connected to nature and life.

Ronke Boyle, Tunbridge Wells    April 2014


I just wanted to write and say thank you for being such a wonderful guide towards reconnecting with nature and myself.  Your thoughts were coherent and gentle and your insights honest and secure.  I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone wishing for the re – connections many of us so sadly lose sight of in our frantic lives.

I intend to study path 2 and 3. Thank you again.

Chantal Taylor, Bucks     March 2014


Since several years, I was searching for a ‘match’ in my live.

Something that could blend my catholic childhood and my life today as an adult and spiritual seeker.

Then, I did the Llaqta Karpay Glastonbury Pilgrimage and I found the key. A smooth, softly ‘merging’ from the two became a reality. A big revelation to me!

Now I realise, I can embrace every religion in my life.

Thank you, Margaret, Juan and Ivan.

Lydie Desmet, Belgium  


I have had a deep connection with the Inka civilisation since I was a child, and was so grateful for the warmth, kindness and depth of knowledge I received from Don Juan, Ivan and Margaret on this course. It was easy to see how they all practice this amazing path with great heart in their lives, and that enthusiasm was passed on joyfully in their teachings. Practicing these techniques has given me greater confidence in my public speaking role, as well as a greater sense of communication with the natural world.

Steven Altman, Shamanic practitioner and teacher, North London


I first heard about Inka Spirit a couple years back when some friends went to a workshop in London and from then on have thought about doing the same. When the opportunity came I grabbed the chance with both hands.

The course was residential and worth every penny. Over the six days we were taught by both Don Juan and his son Ivan both with a real depth of knowledge that can at the time seem overwhelming but they have a way of getting information in the brain. Over the six days there was a mixture of learning through discussion and practice experiencing the energy moving and being created by the exercises that we were doing. It left me so inspired and the course has changed how I think and live, even down to walking my dogs. It has now become a walk to meet with energies and enjoying( even in this awful weather) the feelings from all the living things I meet.

I have also now been approached to teach what I have leant as people have seen my energy change and want some of what I have managed to bring into my life. I am a Bowen therapist and by incorporating the exercises into my life my treatments are now more effective and my clients have benefitted. I thank Margaret for encouraging me to do the course. Lots of love.


Liz Bridger, Bowen therapist, Midhurst, West Sussex


“The six day Foundation Course was a beautiful journey for me… searching for my inner self. Travelling the path was at times honest and humbling, and other times deep and profound. Each of these days have been a confrontation within myself, sometimes painful, but always surrounded by WHITE LIGHT!!! Many thanks to Juan, Ivan and Margaret for her guidance.”

Lydie Desmet, Brussels


“I found the Inka Spirit teachings as remarkable as I had hoped for after hearing about Don Juan and trying to find his whereabouts for 10 years. A number of my students also attended the training and found the work perfectly continued the training they have done with me, especially the considerable Inka content of the second year. I have also seen its profound effects on complete beginners, and can fully recommend this beautiful ‘path of the heart’.”

Eliana Harvey, Shamanka School of Women’s Shamanism, Dorset


“The six days of teaching from Don Juan and Ivan were fantastic. I have been interested in all matters Spiritual for most of my adult life and the wisdom from these masters is profound. What I learned somehow felt like completing the circle and coming home.”

Seersha O’Sullivan, Shamanic practitioner and teacher, Kent


“Thank you so much for a wonderful and very practical experience. Inka mysticism does what it says on the tin.”

Rosemary Taylor, Shamanic practitioner, Glastonbury


“I had a wonderful time with Margaret who taught us about how to build your misha. She really took the time for each of us personally and I just felt at home. She is one of the most experienced teachers I have worked with.”

 Yoeri Moesker, Netherlands