Margaret Law-Homewood

Margaret Law-Homewood

Margaret was born in Malaysia and lives in the UK.  Her mother is a Catholic and her father was a Buddhist.  Along her spiritual journey she has worked with and learned from many teachers of different faiths and has come to a personal practice of holistic spirituality not tied to a specific religion.

In the late 1960s she trained as a Samaritan with Chad Varah, when he introduced the telephone listening service to Malaysia. This led her to study psychodynamic psychotherapy in Malaysia and from the late 1980s she trained in the Carl Rogers person-centred approach. This has informed her work as a psychotherapist and counsellor ever since.

She emigrated to the UK in 1975.  She has also worked as a senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy at Thames Valley University, as Deputy Director and Head of Counselling Service at HAGAM, a voluntary sector alcohol and drug addiction agency, and for the NHS as Deputy Chief Officer of Ealing Community Health Council.

Over the last two decades she has been learning about shamanism from teachers such as Leo Rutherford and Eliana Harvey. These trainings led her to Inka energy medicine and to her connection with Don Juan and Iván.

Margaret is a co-founder of the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality with William Bloom and a trustee of the Spiritual Crisis Network.

She has a holistic counselling and psychotherapy private practice. She also facilitates workshops in self development and spiritual development.