Iván Núñez del Prado

Iván Núñez del Prado

Iván is an industrial engineer and a fourth level Andean master or Kuraq Akulleq.

He was born in 1972 and baptised a Catholic in 1977. As with his father Juan and his father before him, Iván was called to the world of energies and Andean cosmology. In 1979, at the tender age of 7, he received his first initiation from Don Benito Qoriwaman in the sacred sanctuary of Qoylloriti in the mountains near Cusco.

In 1993 he began studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Cusco. That year his father initiated him into the fourth level of the Inkan tradition, Hatun Karpay Phana, the Great Initiation.

Around that time he also organised a meeting of Andean and Tibetan teachers.  Don Mariano Apaza and his assistant Juan Ordonez – both from the Inkari lineage – met with Tibetans Lopon Lama Chechoo Rinpoche and his assistant Kalsa Lama.

This meeting marked the beginning of Iván’s work on the fourth level, and from then on his main teachers were Don Mariano Apaza and Lopon Chechoo Rinpoche. Working within both the Inka and Tibetan Buddhist traditions has provided a strong basis for his personal spiritual development.

Iván has also studied Sufism, been a member of the Catholic Pentecostal Movement, and participated in the Cusco Presbyterian Pentecostal groups. He considers himself to be a Christian, Buddhist and a paqo. This is not contradictory within the Andean worldview, which is open to learning from all traditions.

Iván is one of the main organisers of the Ayni Summit, or world paqo conference, that will take place in his home city of Cusco in 2013.