Special Events

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our 2014 HATUN KARPAYS AND CONFERENCES


June 4th – 11th: Rüdesheim, Germany


Since 2003 practitioners, known as ‘Paqo’, as well as people interested in the Andean tradition meet in different countries once a year. They apply the tools of this spiritual art to connect with the energy bubble of the respective country, its magnificent power places, people and its history.

This annual event is an invitation for everyone to connect, to experience, to train and to share. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together, work together, grow together, and develop together and to make this world a more harmonious place. Some call it Paqo Conference; others name it Inka Meeting or Andean Spiritual Study Trip. For programme details and pricing please see list on the right.


July 1st– 5th: Glastonbury, England

GLASTONBURY LLAQTA KARPAY: GREAT INITIATION of Glastonbury and the surrounding sacred places.

This pilgrimage is lead by Juan Nunez del Prado and colleagues Ivan and Margaret. You will participate in initiations and ceremonies and experience the powerful spiritual connections with the sacred places in Cusco and Lima that are transposed over the sacred landscape of this area.

We will work with the four most important factors of nature and the cosmos. ‘Four Teqse Apus’ (in Quechua language of the Indigenous Indians) [Generic term for spirit of sun, wind, water and earth]. You will connect to the sacred mountains (Apus) Rivers and lakes (Nustas) and earth (Pachamama), Sun (Inti Taita) and Wind (Mama Woira).

Despachos (request/prayer offerings) will be created at some of the sites and there will be a ceremonial burning of them before the end of the pilgrimage.

Some of the sacred sites we will be performing rituals in, start from Wells Cathedral to Stonehenge to Avebury to Chalice Wells and White Springs to Glastonbury Tor. We finish by symbolically raising the Excalibur in Glastonbury Abbey. For programme details and pricing please see list on the right.


August 26-4 September: Cusco, Peru


According to the Andean tradition we are born with an Inka Seed, seed of our personal potential is waiting to be awakened. The Initiation and ceremonies provide you with the tools to trigger this seed within you.

The indigenous Q’ero Indians have a wisdom that people living in the West are seeking. This wisdom offered starts with the Hatun Karpay Initiation. The Hatun Karpay Initiation has been practiced for thousands of years by the Q’ero Indians, the direct descendants of the Inka. They are the Keepers of Ancient Wisdom of the Inka and of the Inka Prophecies.

In the Great Initiation Juan will lead us through a series of rituals in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and other significant sites. The powerful exercises were handed down to Juan by his masters. As you learn these energetic practices you will evoke the personal power within you. Your spirituality will move from being abstract to something tangible and meaningful. You will begin to build and consolidate your inner resources and strengthen to take your place in this great universe. This lineage comes from his master Don Benito Qoriwaman. For programme details and pricing please see list on the right.


September 5-12: Cusco, Peru            


Mosoq Qapaq Karpay (New Royal Initiation)

Two years ago Juan Nunez del Prado declared that the time had come for paqos and others interested in the Inka tradition to be initiated with the ‘Mosoq Qapaq Karpay (New Royal Initiation).’

This conference is unique in that it brings together the New Royal Initiation and empowering our Chaupi energetic aspect, the Middle, the societal side of us by participating in a public conference. During the day we will visit sacred sites to receive initiations and rituals, and in the evening we will attend the public conference. At the public conference we will hear leading figures from the Andean tradition including Juan speak about historical, cultural and other aspects of the tradition. We will also get to meet one of the last Inka descendants.

In 1993 Juan started leading groups on the Hatun Karpay Phana, Right Side Great Initiation. Then in 2000 he organised the Hatun Karpay Lloque, Left Side Initiation of Divine Feminine. And now we have the ‘Mosoq Qapaq Karpay, New Royal Initiation.’ For programme details and pricing please see list on the right.


Sept 13-14: Cusco, Peru                     


The Qoyllurit’i (Quechua) translated means ‘Star Snow’. This spiritual and religious festival is held in the Sinakara valley at the foot of Mount Ausangate. Apu Ausangate is one of the main mountain spirits in Cusco. And is celebrated twice a year in honour of the Lord of Quyllurit’i, the main celebration is held at the end of May or early June before the ‘Corpus Christi’ celebrations.

We will be attending the second festival held in the middle of September. There will several thousands pilgrims, foreigners and local pilgrims celebrating together for 24 hours.  The beautifully dressed dancers and musicians will perform non stop for 24 hours.

On the second day some of us may wish to join a group of adventurous to climb up the glaciers to bring back blocks of ice which are said to be medicinal.

We will be travelling up and down on horseback and if you wish you have the option of paying a biker to take down on the return journey. For programme details and pricing please see list on the right.


Sept 15-25: Cusco, Peru


Juan began offering the Great Initiation of the Divine Feminine from 2005. The lineage comes from his left – side master Don Melchor Desa. The initiation is the development of intuition and inner perception and the feminine aspect within us. We become open to the Divine Feminine. We will be working mostly with water energies learning to use our personal power with compassion and a light touch.

As a result of our internal development the changes can be seen externally. This level of power opens one up to power related to fifth level of consciousness as prophesied by the Inka many centuries ago. For programme details and pricing please see list on the right.