The trainings, lead by Juan, are experienced as very profound and are a core level way of learning to work with energies through Kausay Pacha (the world of living energy) and practicing Ayni (reciprocity).

Juan, Iván and Margaret will initiate the participants into the fourth level of the Inka tradition through ceremony and ritual. They will share the knowledge and practices that Don Juan learnt from his maestros: Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Andres Espinoza, Don Manuel Q’espi and Don Melchor Deza.

In the training they will take participants through the philosophy and practices of the three sides of the Andean Path as taught to Juan by his Andean Masters  Don Benito Q’oriwaman (from Wasao), Don Andres Espinoza (from Q’eros),  and Don Melchor Deza (also from Wasao, near Cusco).

Inka Path 1

Phaña: Right side, mystical side. In this workshop Juan will be sharing the lessons he was taught by his most important master, Don Benito Qoriwaman. Participants will receive the important initiation Karpay Ayni, (exchange of personal power), their first step into the Fourth Level. Choose the dates you would like to attend from the list on the right.

Inka Path 2

Chaupi: Middle, or the societal side. This workshop is based on lessons taught to Juan by his master Don Andres Espinoza.  He was a fourth level Inka priest who specialised in working with energetic eyes and belts. Participants will be initiated and learn to engage with the world through your seven energetic eyes or Ñawis. Choose the dates you would like to attend from the list on the right.

Inka Path 3

Lloque: Left side, is working with the magical powers of your own intuition. Juan will share lessons he learnt from master Don Melchor Deza, awakening in you your highest potential, and the possibility of working towards being an enlightened being. Participants will use their Inka seed to make a deep connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth). Choose the dates you would like to attend from the list on the right.

The Foundation Course is a six day training. We recommend you take all three parts at once to fully immerse yourself in and to understand the tradition. However we also appreciate that it is not always possible to devote six days at a time to training so if you can only make two or four days of it, that is also acceptable.

Inka Masterclass

In this Inka Masterclass, Juan will share the knowledge he gained from his Bolivian master, Tata Lorenzo. You will learn to connect with different energetic levels such as the black light, the earth, the Milky Way and the whole galaxy. The dates are the list on the right.

This training is only available to students who have completed all six days of Inka Path 1, 2 & 3. 



INKA tradition and TIBETAN Meditation

In this retreat Juan will share the knowledge and teachings he gained during his 10-year apprenticeship, with his most important Master, Don Benito Q’oriwaman. Each day Juan will share knowledge for a short period and you will spend time practicing the initiations and ceremonies that were handed down to him, Phaña the Fourth Level lineage.

Juan was sent by Don Benito to Qoyllur Rit’I several times to learn to ‘see’. We are offering you the opportunity to learn to see in this retreat. Margaret will lead and guide the meditation, Tibetan Tonglen meditation. These practices will enable you to create space internally to connect with your personal power to see not only with your eyes but also with all your body. Meditation will be practiced daily, and there will be silent walking meditations. We will have some meals in silence.

This five-day retreat is for people who have completed the foundation training. This is particularly useful for practitioners wishing to share their skills both privately and professionally teaching the tradition. It is more profound to do it from a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding. It is important that AYNI, exchange of energy is kept flowing and moving and not become stagnant.





Foundation course £940.00 instead of £1020.00

Masterclass £620.00 instead of £660.00

Do contact us for other options


Past students who have completed the Foundation and Masterclass and would like to repeat the whole training get a 50% discount. To discuss further options contact us.


Prior knowledge or experience is NOT necessary to attend the Foundation training. We recommended that you take the complete foundation course (path 1,2 & 3). However you are also welcome to join us if you can only manage a single or double workshop.



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