The Q’ero indians, are indigenous people of Peru who are living descendants of the Inka. Their civilization dates back to over 5000 years ago.

Their spiritual practice was a way of life, a living spiritual tradition and cosmovision of respecting and honouring everything in the universe. From an inanimate object or a leaf, to a human being, everything has Kausay (living energy).

This Inka spiritual tradition maintains a deep connection with Pachamama (our Mother Earth), the Apus (the spirits of the mountains), the Mallkis (spirits of the tree) and Qochas (spirits of the lakes and seas).

In 1955 two anthropologists, Oscar Núñez del Prado and Efrain Morote, led an expedition into a remote part of Peru and to their surprise discovered a group of Indigenous Indians living and practicing the Inca tradition which was thought to have disappeared; their lore was alive and well.

The explorers returned home elated and laden with artifacts and tales to tell. This exciting news and interesting material had a huge impact on Oscar’s 10 year old son Juan. This influenced Juan Núñez del Prado to follow in the footsteps of both his parents and he became an anthropologist too.

Don Juan met his first master, Don Benito Qoriwaman, whilst carrying out a research project on the Q’eros. Juan has been studying with the indigenous teachers at the highest levels of practice and knowledge since 1979 and teaches internationally in Europe and the USA. Western initiates of Juan such as Elizabeth Jenkins, Joan Parisi Wilcox and Alberto Villodo have brought him and the Inka tradition to worldwide attention.

Through working with his western paqos, practitioners, Juan soon concluded that people in the West were ready to be initiated directly into the fourth level, bypassing levels one, two and three which Juan and Iván had to learn with their Masters. The first three levels are more like attending spiritual junior and senior schools. The forth level is learning and performing like a grown up.

In January 1990 one of Juan’s Masters Don Manuel Q’espi, one of the most powerful Andean Masters of the Q’ero Nation, arrived at his house having walked all the way from Q’ero to tell Juan that he had seen the signs in the mountains: a the time of prophecy was at hand. After the “cosmic reordering” period, from 1990 to 1993, the first phases of the prophecy would begin and reach its peak in 2012.

Don Juan was taught in the Q’echua language and has adapted the teachings he received from his Andean maestros to suit western psychology. Juan also translates the Q’echua words and concepts so as to be able to share the meanings with us in the west.